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Intelligent Objects Laboratory

Carnot STAR’s Scientific thematics associated


IoLab is a microlelectronics platform dedicated to intelligent connected objects. It brings together the complete design of integrated circuits and their integration at system and level and their validation by complete electrical characterization means.



  • Antenna characterization for connected objects
  • Design of Low Frequency and Radio Frequency Analog Circuits
  • Design of UHF RFID circuits and systems
  • Design of non-volatile circuits
  • Reliability of non-volatile memories
  • Miniaturization of RFID antennas
  • 3D electromagnetic modeling


  • Anechoic room
  • Cryoprober
  • Rapid Prototyping Equipment
  • RF and BF equipment
  • Prober 200 and 300 mm

Services provided

  • Design of mixed analog/ digital integrated circuits for research puposes only
  • UHF RFID compliance testing
  • Performance testing of UHF RFID tags and readers
  • Characterizations under points (impedance measurement, power...)
  • Radiation measurements of UHF antennas
  • Characterization of the reliability of memories under various stresses (electrical, thermal)
  • Characterization, modeling of the evolution of their performance over time (endurance, retention)
  • Analog and digital interface characterization low frequency/ radio frequency
  • Rapid prototyping of printed ciruits and antennas 3D printing.

Using with or without operator. Prior training required if you choose to use it without operator. Half-day, full-day availability within the framework of a research contract or a service contract.

Business sector

  • Ergonomics
  • Sports engineering
  • IoT and connected objects
  • Performance and movement
  • Health
  • Sport
  • Transports / logistics