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Embedded measurements


The field of embedded systems is in full evolution (low consumption, computing power, autonomy, real time, safety), with connected objects probably being the most striking representatives. Concerning Carnot STAR's themes, the growing interest of consumers for the quantify-self (self-measurement) favours the adoption of connected objects capable of measuring personal data, analysing and sharing them. The sports segment is reinforcing the diffusion of connected objects related to this quantify-self, even allowing the launch of new data-based services (friendly sports challenges, "gamification").


  • RFID/ communicating objects

    Flexible supports and antennas, autonomy, ultra low power consumption, joint antenna/ chip design.

  • Integrated circuit and system design

    Energy optimization (sensor/ actuator interface, communication, processing circuits); intelligent autonomous sensors; healthcare circuits and systems; IoT; radio frequency; UWB; CMOS integrated circuits.

  • Memory

    Reliability, optimization, security, ultra low power applications.

  • Energy/ photovoltaic

    Silicon photovoltaics (characterization, modeling, aging, reliability of cells and modules); Thin films, new concepts of photovoltaix systemps.

    Rectennas (rectifying nano-antennas for energy collection); Optoelectronics ; LiFi.

  • Micro-sensors/ instrumentation

    Microsystems for environment and buildings; microsystems dedicated to health; multsensors; embedded microsystems; sensors (gas, calorimetric, thermal, electronic nose, temperature); metrology.

  • Systems analysis and control

    Control theory (non-regular control, minimization of zobot consumption); Diagnosis/ prognosis (dynamic models, process degradation); Control (system analysis, trajectory planning, feedback stabilization, fault-tolerant control); Decision support.

Examples of achievements

Connected device for cardiac rhythm analysis

Partnership for gas detection

Helping to develop organic photovoltaic modules using digital printing for connected objects

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