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Optical microscopy (Biophotonique)

Carnot STAR’s Scientific thematics associated


The Biophotonics platform can meet needs of industrialists in terms of life imaging and bio-analysis. It offers a set of instruments, prototypes in optical microscopy, resulting from Fresnel Institute's skills in optical instrumentation, particularly for biology. Some of these instruments are not commercially available: quantitative phase microscopy, multimodal nonlinear microscopy (2 photons, CARS, SHG, THG, SRS), polarimetric microscopy.




  • Imaging
  • Optical instrumentation for imaging
  • Light/ life-form interactions
  • Nanophotonics / nanothermics
  • Photonics


  • Thermal microscopy
  • Non-linear optical microscopies
  • Polarimetric microscopies
  • Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

Services provided

  • Multimodal optical microscopy
  • Spectroscopy of individual molecules.

Business sector

  • Cell biology
  • Tissue biology
  • Molecular Dynamics


Faculté des Sciences
Avenue Escadrille Normandie-Niemen 13013 Marseille
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