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Biological and medical imaging


Biological and medical imaging activities developed in Carnot STAR's research units are numerous and of direct interest to the industry. Within the framework of Sport, Health and Well-being theme, they allow a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in certain physiological processes (muscle function, cardiovascular system, metabolism, etc.).

3 types of imaging are distinguished among Carnot STAR's research units activities :

  1. Magnetic resonance imaging: translational research, methods, instruments, new diagnostics, new therapeutic strategies, complete system for stimulating and recording behavioural and physiological responses synchronised with MRI acquisitions, functional MRI, anatomical MRI, diffusion MRI, sensory stimulation, physiological monitoring
  2. Nuclear imaging: isotopic molecular imaging (clinical and pre-clinical SPECT/CT, clinical and pre-clinical PET/CT, microSPECT/CT, microPET/CT), scintigraphy
  3. Optical imaging: OCT, bio-luminescence, fluorescence, non-linear optics (2-photons, SHG, THG, CARS, SRS), polarimetry, phase imaging, endoscopy, super-resolution/individual molecules, photo-acoustic imaging. 


  • In vitro/in vivo imaging
  • Preclinical/clinical imaging
  • Study of the structure/architecture and function of cells, tissues or organs
  • Imaging studies of pathologies of the central nervous, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems
  • Diagnostic and/or therapeutic validation of a compound or medical device
  • Biodistribution and pharmacokinetic studies
  • Optimisation or development of new imaging systems
  • Radiology

    Radiotherapy, Hybrid pixel cameras for medical imaging, gamma-ray imaging for hadrontherapy, interventional radiology.

  • Development of computer tools for management and extraction of information from these images
    • Processing (denoising, resetting, filtering).
    • Analysis (texturing, segmentation, estimation, classification, decision support, photogrammetry)
    • Image transmission and storage techniques.

Examples of achievements

Measurement of the penetration dynamics of cosmetic products in the skin or hair

Raman analysis of pharmacological compounds

Clinical and pre-clinical MRI-based studies

Tracer test for PET imaging

Development of innovative MRI antennas

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