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RFDI Diagnostic

Carnot STAR’s Scientific thematics associated


The RFID platform provides services around the themes of performance characterization and compliance required for the certification of RFID tags or readers. The platform also proposes, thanks to the expertise of the IM2NP laboratory teams, solutions based on printed electronics or mixed systems assembled on flexible media.




  • Antennas (design, caracterization)
  • Harvesting
  • IOT
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • EPC pre-certification
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • RFID


  • Test Antennas
  • NI test bench
  • HF and UHT RFID test bench
  • Anechoic room
  • 3D Positioner

Services provided

  • UHF RFID compliance testing
  • Performance testing of UHF RFID tags and readers
  • Characterizations under points (impedance measurement, power...)
  • Radiation measurements of UHF antennas.

Business sector

  • Publishing/ communication/ multimedia
  • Electricity
  • Electronics
  • Computing
  • Telecommunications
  • Textile/ Clothing/ Footwear
  • Transports / logistics


IM2NP École Polytech' Marseille
5 rue Enrico Fermi Bâtiment NEEL Technopôle de Château Gombert 13453 Marseille